My Healing Path

It’s the craziest thing:

I had been working on a home decor blog and it just wasn’t coming together.  Then all of a sudden (in the shower actually), I realized that blog was not going to happen –  no way!

Don’t get me wrong, I love home decor and working on my house, but I realized that every time I would commit to moving ahead with the blog, my health would interfere.  My IC (Interstitial Cystitis) would flare, I would get an infection and end up on antibiotics again or come down with the flu.

As my husband would say, “Not conducive to what Plato called the good life.”  Not sure that fits with what I’m trying to say, but the point is, I very seldom feel like painting or doing anything else to work on the house, let alone blog about it.

My Husband, Fred & I

This is the strange part:

I just knew that I needed to put that blog aside and spend at least the next year working on healing the things that were contributing to my ill health.  Not just one or two things like I had been doing, but looking at my whole life and what I needed to change to feel better.

My Story:

You see…. for the last 37 years, I have been dealing with IC (Interstitial Cystitis), a very painful bladder condition.  Although, for much of that time, I didn’t know that’s what it was.  I was only diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago!!

I was in pain continually for the first 3 years, then most of the time for 10 years.  During that time I was treated by numerous doctors and endured all sorts of tests and very painful treatments that didn’t help. When the last doctor said he had tried everything and there wasn’t anything else he could do, I turned to the internet and was constantly researching, searching for an answer.

Over the years, I did find things that helped and I was no longer in constant pain, but suffered “flares” of the symptoms on a regular basis.  It helped when I received a diagnosis and FINALLY knew what I was dealing with.

There was a 1 to 2 year period where I felt like the pain was managed for the most part, but in August 2016 the pain returned and I felt like my immune system was not working the way it should.

My daughter had been telling me for some time that I needed to change my diet and look at my life as a whole (she’s a health coach), but I don’t know….maybe I wasn’t ready or I was so overwhelmed, it just took awhile for it all to “sink in”.

Picture of my daughter, Vicky and me.

And that’s how this little blog was born:

I loved blogging but I just knew that instead of working on my home decor blog, I needed to blog about my path to healing my body.  Not only would that help me stay focused on what I needed to do to heal, but maybe I could help someone in the process.  Someone who, like me, had been wanting to feel better but was maybe a bit overwhelmed by all the information “out there” and would be helped by my sharing the things I was doing.

Maybe now would be a good time for me to say, “I am not a doctor or nutritionist or anything like that.  In fact, I have no formal training at all.”  What I do is take responsibility for my own health, research online, and then determine what the best course of action is for me.

If in some small way that will help you to walk your own path, I invite you to join me as I walk my path to healing.

Talk soon,









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